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OMSutra Pranayama Bolsters -  Deluxe  Fabric

OMSutra Pranayama Bolsters - Deluxe Fabric

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Our OMSutra cotton pranayama  (breathing )  bolsters helps you to relax and breathe deeply and perfectly supports your entire spine as you recline for complete relaxation for many yoga postures. Designed to support the length of the spine, this bolster facilitates a gentle expansion of the lungs to facilitate deeper breathing. This bolster is firm enough to provide full support, yet soft enough to be quite comfortable because it supports the long muscles on both sides of your spine, enabling them to relax fully. It also acts as a fulcrum, over which the right and left sides of your chest can stretch and drop toward the floor. As your chest stretches, your breathing slows and deepens. These stretches counteract humpback and rounded shoulders.
our Breathing Bolsters is dense and firm, to provide optimum support it is rectangular and narrow instead of rounded. It works perfectly for pranayama breathing practice, for relaxation pose supporting the spine. It works as a support for restorative yoga in other positions.
 Multiple Pranayama Bolsters can be stacked nicely because of the square shape on the end. OMSutyoga bolsters has a nice handle at the end for easy  portability and to transport.These bolsters are stuffed with 100%  pure cotton batting and the outer cover are removable and  washable.
Dimensions are 26.5 '' long by 3'' high by 6.5'' wide.


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